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Air Brake Safety Week For Commercial Vehicles

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Large commercial vehicles use a braking system that is completely different than normal cars. Air braking systems are necessary due to the large size and weight of many commercial vehicles. In order to bring such a massive vehicle to a complete stop and prevent potential traffic accidents, it is essential to keep these braking systems well-maintained and in good working order.

Because of the importance of maintaining brake systems, there is a special week designated for recognizing air brake safety. September 8th through the 14th marks this year’s Air Brake / Brake Safety Week across the United States! Commercial vehicle operators are encouraged to test their brake systems in order to make sure that they are properly adjusted and functioning correctly. These efforts help keep trucks safe and protect drivers on America’s roads.

Proper Brake Maintenance Can Save Lives

It is important to remember that, even with a properly calibrated brake system, commercial vehicles still have an average stopping distance that is twice that of smaller cars. If the systems are defective or poorly adjusted, drivers may have little chance of avoiding an accident if they need to stop unexpectedly. That’s why making sure brake systems are functioning as designed is so important!

Operation Air Brake

Operation Air Brake is a campaign designed to help reduce the number of crashes that are caused by brake defects. The campaign aims to achieve this goal by teaching mechanics and drivers what they need to know about thorough brake inspection, proper brake maintenance, and safe brake operation. The campaign also includes education regarding increased roadside inspections.

With proper training, the process of adjusting air brakes that come equipped with manual slack adjusters can take drivers just a few minutes. Training would give drivers the knowledge and confidence they need to ensure that their vehicles have safe, properly adjusted braking systems. Operation Air Brake aims to save lives by making sure that America’s brakes work when they need to!

Reasons Why Truck Companies Should Join Air Brake Safety Week.

Some of the most common reasons why commercial vehicles are put out of service are related to air brake adjustment and brake system defects. Drivers and commercial carriers have a financial incentive as well as a safety incentive to ensure that their vehicles’ braking systems are functioning properly! Air Brake / Brake Safety Week is a perfect opportunity to emphasize what can be done to make your commercial vehicles as safe as they can be.

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